Location and Facilities

The campus is located in central Tokyo and comprises six buildings: the Matsukata House, the Ushiba Memorial gymnasium/auditorium, the kindergarten building in the nearby Moto Azabu Hills complex, the primary building housing grades 1-2, the upper elementary/middle school building housing grades 3-9, and the Yashiro Media Center. Matsukata House was the original family residence of Nishimachi's founder, Tane Matsukata, and now serves as the school's main administrative building. The Yashiro Media Center, housed in its own three-floor building, contains about 18,000 volumes, 70% in English and 30% in Japanese. Nishimachi's outdoor education center, Camp Rioichiro Arai "Kazuno," is in Gunma Prefecture, 150 kilometers northwest of Tokyo.

Other facilities:

  • Science lab
  • One computer lab
  • Astronomy dome
  • Music performance studio
  • Art room
  • Internet access in all classrooms and in the Yashiro Media Center
  • Middle school commons room
  • Multi-purpose area
  • Roof-top playground spaces in addition to play ground space