2020-2021 School Year FAQ

Approaches to August
The Covid-19 situation in Tokyo for August remains very much unclear. To give clarity to our community, we have created an explanation of our guiding principles and a matrix of risk levels to serve as a guide for how and when we shift from one mode of learning to the next. This document also outlines our safety and cleaning protocols put in place for the 2020-2021 school year. Please click the below button to view the Approaches to August document. 
Our Commitment
Nishimachi is looking forward to welcoming students back to campus this autumn after such a long period of seeing each other online. This FAQ outlines the way in which we intend to do this safely and attempts to answer the many questions our parents have sent in.
We acknowledge however that there is no such thing as absolute safety and, while we believe the risk is manageable, we cannot state that there is no risk. We know that there are some aspects of running a classroom or a school which makes the Japanese government’s ‘three Cs’ very hard to implement. We also know that children are children, and sometimes will make mistakes in following the guidance set.
Our staff will use their professionalism to create classroom environments which – to the best of their ability and within the limitations that exist – promote maximum safety as outlined here. When children find it hard to follow the guidelines, we can also commit to teaching and supporting them in learning from their mistakes. For children who consistently find it hard to follow the guidance, we may need to ask that family to keep their child at home.
We ask each family, having read this FAQ and having understood and considered the limitations that exist, to make their own decision about whether or not you wish your child to come to campus. We very much hope that you will decide to do so; but we fully respect the choice of each family in this regard. Please know that our model, even as it evolves, will be what all of our staff and leadership are putting their effort into, and we will not be able to run an additional or parallel program.
We will continually update this page, but please continue to send in your questions, through our Q&A form, as we may not have answered it yet. Thank you and be well.