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Our school features a unique, rich international curriculum taught in English using an inquiry-based approach. Our mission is to educate students to be leaders, innovators, and motivated thinkers who will contribute to a diverse and changing world. Our 2030 Graduate Statement clearly describes the global citizens we want to develop. 

The program is complemented by music, physical education, art, drama, exploratory, service learning and outdoor education programs. Environmental education field trips for grades 4 to 8 are held during the year at the school's lodge and campsite “Kazuno”, and students in Grade 9 have a number of challenging learning activities, such as climbing Mt Fuji, visiting Kyoto and Hiroshima, and participating in a service learning trip to Kirivorn, Cambodia. Grades 2-5 participate in off-campus swimming programs and grades 4-9 have 3 or 5 days of ski school in Niigata. We also offer an optional language and activities-based summer school and many of our students (Grade 1 to 9) take Japanese national achievement tests. The school year begins in late August and ends in June. 

We believe that working in teams supports continuity, maximizes teacher strengths, and provides regular opportunities for reflection and peer feedback. Flexibility, sensitivity, and an ability to effectively work with others are essential characteristics for Nishimachi faculty, staff, students and parents. 

Currently our school has 60 faculty members from the United States of America, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Ireland, Germany and New Zealand. The faculty members come to Nishimachi with an average 8 years of experience and remain at Nishimachi on average for 10 years. Of the current staff, approximately 45% have advanced degrees.

Child Protection

Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection. All international applicants for positions at Nishimachi are asked to provide/ verify appropriate "child protection" or ‘working with children” certification as part of their application.

Minimum Teaching Qualifications

All applicants for teaching positions need to have a teaching degree from a four-year institution, such as a Bachelor of Education. A minimum of three (3) years teaching experience is also a prerequisite.

Teaching Teams

Helping students learn is a collaborative experience at Nishimachi...
Teachers at Nishimachi work as members of specific grade-level teaching teams. Teams consist of two or three homebase/advisory teachers and a Japanese-language teacher. Kindergarten, grade one and grade two have teaching assistants.

Individual Vs. Team Responsibilities

Each homebase/advisory teacher is responsible for their students and meets with them daily. Teachers are responsible for the personal and social welfare of their homebase/advisory students, for monitoring daily and overall academic progress, and for reporting to parents. Teachers often have the opportunity to teach students from other homebases/advisories on the same grade. This gives students the opportunity to learn from a variety of teachers and permits teachers to discuss student progress on the basis of first-hand knowledge.

Each grade level has specific curriculum expectations. Nishimachi encourages teachers to share individual talents and expertise with others on their team, as well as with their students, so that everyone in a grade level benefits from a range of teaching styles.

Curriculum Planning

The homebase/advisory teachers for each grade level meet regurlarly to plan and reflect. Each team is responsible for the grade level curriculum, assessment, homework assignments, newsletters, budgets, parent activities, and field trips. Although teachers share specific responsibilities on their teams, communication and working among team members is expected and essential for smooth daily operations and achieving a positive working dynamic.

Specialist Teachers

Japanese-language teachers support the integration of Japanese language into classroom activities and facilitate cross-cultural understanding and communication. Nishimachi has specialist teachers for music, art, physical education, English and Japanese-speaking library staff, ESL teachers, a learning support teacher and a guidance counsellor. The grade-level teaching team interacts and coordinates with the specialist teachers to help achieve student learning and personal and social objectives.


Open Positions for Teaching Staff

Substitute Teacher

If you are interested in registering as a substitute teacher with Nishimachi, please send your résumé by one of the methods mentioned below:

Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection. The school requires background and criminal record checks as a precondition of employment.

Only selected candidates will be contacted. Résumé will not be returned.

Thank you for showing an interest in joining Nishimachi International School.

Part-Time Middle School Math Teacher - Long-Term Sub

Part-Time Middle School Math Teacher (Long Term Substitute Position -  Maternity Leave: December 1, 2019  - June 11, 2020)

We invite applications for this position. Interview and interaction will occur during the period of September 2019.

The successful candidate ideally will have the following qualifications and characteristics:

  1. Relevant teaching qualifications
  2. Relevant Middle School teaching experience of three or more years in a mainstream school
  3. Recent child protection certificate or documentation
  4. Fluent in English ( both oral and written)
  5. Advanced level of IT skills
  6. Excellent interpersonal, collaborative and communication skills, initiative and integrity. Currently reside in Japan

Working Conditions
As determined by the Faculty Rules of Employment
Working hours: According to the School Academic calendar
Five-day workweek, fall break, winter break, spring break, summer holiday

If you are interested in applying for any of the posted teaching positions, please send your résumé and the Employment Application Form by one of the following methods before September 30, 2019:

Open Positions for Administrative Staff

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All administrative positions for the current school year 2019-2020 are filled.

Thank you for showing an interest in joining Nishimachi International School.

Karen O'Neill
Head of School
Nishimachi International School