Guiding Statements


Tané Matsukata's vision to educate children to be international and independent thinkers is embodied in her well-known quote, “To share, to live and learn together and yet keep a special identity... that is Nishimachi.” She believed Nishimachi students should be given the opportunity to learn a second language so they would develop an international perspective, grow beyond a single culture, and live harmoniously in, and contribute to, world society. Tané’s hope was that through education, the next generation would learn to live in peace, and never again would we see the horrors of World War II. This hope led to a vision of a school that would teach English/Western language and culture as well as Japanese language and culture.

Still relevant in the world we live in today, and more than seven decades later, a Nishimachi education strives to bring young minds together under one international umbrella in order to build lines of communication and understanding.

Founder's Statement

To share, to live and learn together and yet keep a special identity... that is Nishimachi

Tané Matsukata, Founder (1918-1989)

Our Mission

To develop learners and leaders who know, care and take action to bring value to others and to make a positive impact on the world.


This mission is accomplished through our Definition of Learning and the Nishimachi Learner Expectations (NLEs):

Definition of Learning

At Nishimachi, learning is a complex process that transforms our understandings, attitudes and approaches.

Nishimachi Learner Expectations

All members of the Nishimachi community, including students, teachers, support staff, parents and the larger community, are part of the continuous process of growth and learning. We are all learners; we all realize the value of the following expectations for learners:

We make connections: We cultivate meaningful connections between people, cultures and ideas.
We take ownership: We take initiative, we explore our own questions and accept responsibility for our actions.
We pursue challenges: We take risks and persevere.
We act ethically: We respect differences, are empathetic and work to find solutions on a global and local level.
We are creative: We use multiple processes to think, innovate and reflect.


Nishimachi Graduate Statement

Nishimachi learners will know, care, and take action to bring value to others and make a positive impact in the world. They will do this through ethical actions and leadership that empowers and inspires others, and through strong collaboration and communication. They will think flexibly and resourcefully and be proactive, reflective and accountable for the decisions they make. They will think globally, understand other cultures, value differences and show compassion.

Nishimachi Inclusion and Belonging Statements