Surprise 30th Party

Dear Friends,

March 22nd 1979

Miss lane Matsukata has put a lot of love into making Nishimachi a unique school. Those of us who have been connected with NIS in one way or another appreciate what Miss Matsukata has done. A group of former students have organized a gathering where we can express this gratitude to Miss Matsukata. We sure hope that you will be interested in participating.

The party will be at Ryu-En, Chinese Restaurant.

Where: 1-3-I, Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku [ in front of the Municipal Subway Mita-Line, Onari-Mon Station] phone number: 432-6231 When: Sunday, April 22nd (2:00 p.m.)

We are asking that each person contribute Y3000(high school students Y2500) which will cover costs of the gathering and allow for a sum of money to be given to Miss Matsukata for use at NIS as she sees necessary.

This is a SURPRISE for Miss Matsukata, so please keep this information from her. This invitation has gone out to the alumni and parents for whom we have addresses. However, our list is incomplete, sc please spread the word to any alumni and parents who have not received this invitation. We ask that you contact one of us so that we may keep track of the number of people coming. See you then !!!


Miki Kurosu 
Kiyoshi Otagawa 
Susan Stryker 
Mimi Tanabe