Strategic Plan




To share, to live and learn together and yet keep a special identity... that is Nishimachi. –Tané Matsukata, Founder (1918-1989)

Since 1949, our school has been sharing, living, and learning together... and keeping that special identity our Founder, Tané Matsukata, referred to in those early days. Still relevant in the world we live in today, more than seven decades later, a Nishimachi education strives to bring young minds together under one international umbrella in order to build lines of communication and understanding.

Doing so has required that we adjust with the times, which means reflecting on our practice, looking forward to our future, and strategically planning our way ahead. This Strategic Plan represents but the most recent iteration of that process, identifying the priorities that will focus our school development efforts for the coming three years.

Our Mission

To develop learners and leaders who know, care and take action to bring value to others and to make a positive impact on the world.

Nishimachi Learner Expectations

All members of the Nishimachi community, including students, teachers, support staff, parents and the larger community, are part of the continuous process of growth and learning. We are all learners; we all realize the value of the following expectations for learners:

We make connections: We cultivate meaningful connections between people, cultures and ideas.
We take ownership: We take initiative, we explore our own questions and accept responsibility for our actions.
We pursue challenges: We take risks and persevere.
We act ethically: We respect differences, are empathetic and work to find solutions on a global and local level.
We are creative: We use multiple processes to think, innovate and reflect.