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Nishimachi International School is CLOSED March 2 - May 31


All School Communication

On-Campus Events

The following events have been canceled

  • March 6 8:30 AM - TNK parent meeting
  • March 6 - TinkerSTEAM Fair
  • March 7 - Open Campus
  • March 10 - Math Field Day
  • April 6 - Middle School Drama Production
  • April 10 - TNK Gala
  • April 16 - Middle School Choral Festival
  • May 15 - Sports Day
  • May 25 - Elementary School 'ASA' Drama
  • MS Sports - Season Canceled


Health and Safety Measures

Below are steps that were taken prior to our school closure:
  • All students must have their temperature taken daily prior to coming to school, and to keep them home if their temperature is over 37.5 C
  •  We have limited outside visitors to school and will be asking them to self-declare recent travel. They will also be required to have their temperature taken before entering the school.
  • Our custodians have been disinfecting classrooms and entry surfaces—door handles, door knobs, staircase railings—regularly. 
  • Hand sanitizer is available in every classroom and public spaces. Teachers will regularly remind students to wash their hands and use these sanitizers.