Head of School's Welcome

Hello and welcome to Nishimachi!

Founded in 1949, Miss Tané Matsukata envisioned a School community built on strong foundational skills in cross-cultural communication. Today, a Nishimachi education continues to offer children the tools and life skills to become global ambassadors in an increasingly interconnected world.

Miss Matsukata’s legacy lives within our strong academic, activity-based learning program. At Nishimachi, we offer high-quality, interactive opportunities for students both inside and outside the classroom, incorporating current best practices in pedagogy. We proudly cultivate a passion for excellence and a love of learning in each child. Our commitment to multiculturalism is supported through our exceptional Japanese language and culture program that is taught daily at all grades, K-9.

At Nishimachi, our teachers and staff have excellent qualifications. We pride ourselves on providing our learning community with tools for use in the classroom through a well-developed professional development program. Nishimachi has created a hub for excellence in teaching that supports and models a love of learning.

Children are held at the center of what we believe in, and I invite you to join me in learning more about what makes Nishimachi the school of choice for families in Tokyo.


Karen O’Neill - Head of School

Nishimachi is...

Academically rigorous.

A pioneer in English and Japanese language education in Japan.

Multi-cultural with a student body of over 470 children representing some 38 countries.

Small and intimate which enables us to promote the optimal well-being and growth of each individual. 

Coeducational and non-Sectarian.

Kindergarten through Grade 9.

Conveniently located in a quiet residential area of central Tokyo favored by the diplomatic and expatriate communities.