Head of School's Welcome

Hello and welcome to Nishimachi!

A warm welcome to Nishimachi International School! Founded in 1949, our founder, Miss Tané Matsukata envisioned a School community built on strong foundational skills in cross-cultural communication. Today, a Nishimachi education continues to offer children the tools and life skills to connect and collaborate with others from diverse backgrounds in an increasingly interdependent world.

For over 70 years, Miss Matsukata’s legacy lives within our strong academic, activity-based learning program. At Nishimachi, we proudly offer high-quality, interactive opportunities for students both inside and outside the classroom, incorporating current best practices in pedagogy. We cultivate a passion for excellence and a love of learning in each child. Our commitment to multiculturalism is supported through our exceptional Japanese language and culture program that is taught daily at all grades, Kindergarten through Grade 9.

At Nishimachi, our teachers and staff have excellent qualifications. We pride ourselves on providing our learning community with tools for use in the classroom through a well-developed professional development program. Nishimachi has created a hub for excellence in teaching that supports and models a love of learning.

Children are held at the center of what we believe in, and I invite you to join me in learning more about what makes Nishimachi the school of choice for families in Tokyo.


Karen O’Neill, Head of School

four children posing in front of the school in its vintage days
image showing a teacher teaching three students in the classroom
young girl using watercolor paints to write Japanese letters