FAQ - Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to prepare my child for the Kindergarten screening?

Make sure your child’s first language is well established and can socially interact with other children. 

What is the schedule for Kindergarten application?

  1. Kindergarten applications for the following school year can be submitted from September 1st.
  2. The application deadline is October 31st to be listed for the January screening.
  3. Parent interviews for selected applicants will be scheduled from late October through November.
  4. Screenings for selected applicants will be scheduled during the second week of January. Email invitations will be sent to you in early December. 

What is the schedule for Gr. 1-9 application?

  1. Gr. 1-9 applications can be submitted from November 1st, and will be reviewed from late January.
  2. Some applicants may be invited to be screened prior to an admissions decision. 
  3. Gr. 1 & 2 applicants are usually screened in-person.
  4. Parent interviews for selected applicants will be arranged prior to admission decisions.
  5. Screenings and interviews for selected applicants may be scheduled from February onwards.

Will my child be screened by only one teacher?

For Kindergarten screening, a mixed group of approximately 13-14 children will interact with several different teachers over the course of the 2 hour screening process.

How do you select applicants for acceptance?

Final decisions regarding admission are made in accordance with Nishimachi's Admissions Policy. The admissions procedures provide a balanced professional assessment which determines student readiness for the Nishimachi educational program.

What do you mean by ‘readiness for Nishimachi’?

At Nishimachi everyone studies Japanese for at least 40 minutes a day while all other subjects are taught in English. After evaluating all application and screening information, the screening committee determines if the applicant is ready for the challenges of Nishimachi's  program. 

Do community members have priority for entrance to the school?

Applicants (including Nishimachi Community members) are not automatically accepted. However, after the screening results have been determined, successful community member applicants are given preference over non-community applicants. We expect that all applicants/community members will respect our final decision. 

When will I get notified of the admissions result?

For Kindergarten applicants, notifications will take place by early February after the screenings in early January.

For Gr. 1-9 applicants, admissions decisions for the following school year will be notified once we have reviewed and screened a group of applicants and have confirmed the availability. 

Do you give feedback of screening results?

Nishimachi is unable to give specific feedback to all applicant families regarding the actual screening results. The final decision will be informed by email and we ask all families to respect the school’s final decision. We thank you for your understanding and support of this.

Late applicants

Overseas families who missed the the January screenings for Kindergarten are welcome to submit applications after the January screenings occur, but the screening must be done in-person at Nishimachi. The Admissions Office will reply regarding possible opportunities for future screenings and parental interviews.

Enrollment/Class size

Currently approximately 470 students are enrolled. There are 3 classes in Kindergarten through Grade 6 with approximately 20 students in each class. Class size in Middle School ranges from 10-20 students.

Matsukata House

It was built in 1921 as the founder’s home, and it is now designated as a historical Tokyo-to building. (learn more...)

Does Nishimachi offer overnight school trips?

Grade 4~8 go to Kazuno in Gunma Prefecture for overnight field trips and participate in activities with our sister schools in Kurohone. Grade 9 students have a graduation trip to Kyoto/Nara/Hiroshima as part of the Japanese Social Studies program that is offered in addition to general social studies taught in English. Students in grades 4-9 go on ski trips for 3 to 5 days during the winter.

What do the school fees include?

The school fee is all-inclusive. The optional 2-week summer school or Kazuno camps are separate costs.

Is there a parents association at Nishimachi? Yes, Tomo no Kai (TNK)!

There are plenty of opportunities for parents to make friends, learn about school, support school, and simply get involved with the many activities organized by the TNK.