Tuition + Fees

Application Fee

Application fee (non-refundable): ¥30,000 per applicant.

Once the completed application is received, a confirmation email with instructions on how to pay the application fee will be sent. 


School Fees (SY2024-2025)

Entrance Fee (one time only)

Registration Fee (non-refundable)    ¥300,000
Building Maintenance Fee (non-refundable)   ¥825,000

Annual Fee

Tuition Fee:  ¥2,760,000*
Education Enhancement Fee:  ¥200,000
School Growth Fund Fee:  ¥200,000

*The Tuition fee for the school year is allotted into four Quarters equally. A student's attendance for any portion of the Quarter will require payment for the entire Quarter.
1st Quarter (8/21/2024 - 10/25/2024):   ¥690,000
2nd Quarter (10/28/2024 - 1/24/2025):   ¥690,000
3rd Quarter (1/27/2025 - 4/4/2025):   ¥690,000
4th Quarter (4/7/2025 - 6/13/2025):   ¥690,000

Financial Aid

Outreach Scholarship Program

The Nishimachi International School Outreach Scholarship Program is dedicated to awarding partial or full scholarships to select students from a variety of socioeconomic, racial, cultural, and geographic backgrounds. These scholarships were created to augment diversity on Nishimachi's campus and provide children, who might otherwise find the opportunity unattainable, with a superb and unique education.

Program Guidelines

Candidates must fulfill the school's admissions requirements (including grade level English proficiency) and must be able to provide proof of financial need. The scholarship is good for one academic year, with renewal options, pending satisfactory progress, through to graduation. Following a review of applications received, the Headmaster, upon the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee, shall select the students to be the recipients of the scholarships.

In selecting the recipients, the Scholarship Committee shall apply the following criteria:
• Individual (financial) needs of the family
• Country of origin and cultural background
• Fulfillment of the school’s admissions requirements
• Applicant’s grade level
• Academic achievement and special talents or skills of the applicant
• Other factors that will support and enrich Nishimachi’s educational environment

If interested, please contact the Admissions Office by phone <+81-(0)3-3451-5520> or by e-mail

To learn more about the Outreach Scholarship Program and fundraising events, please go to Outreach Scholarship page.