Alumni Business Directory

Alumni Business Directory

Companies owned by Nishimachi alumni are introduced here. If you would like to have your professional site linked, please contact the Alumni Office. The list here is organized by country/region, then the class years of the business owners.

If you are a Nishimachi alumnus and is a job seeker, please visit Nishimachi International School Official Alumni group on LinkedIn.

(updated September 9, 2022)


Kumi Sato '74
President and CEO, COSMO
(Consulting, Tokyo)

Akiko J. Ohnogi '81
Doctor, Dr. Ohnogi's Psychotherapy and Counseling Clinic
(Clinical Psychologist, Tokyo)

Naoko Yoshino '82

Kaori Yamaguchi '84
Japanese Cooking & Tradition Instructor

Shingo Francis '85

Leo King '85
Doctor, The King Clinic
(General Practice & Travel Medicine, Tokyo)

Masami Hayami '87

Kiki Jiang Yamaguchi '87

Sakiko Yamazaki '97
Co-Founder, Animal Literacy Research Institution
(Animal Literacy Research Institution Traslation and Interpretation Service, Tokyo)

David Green
Owner, "Nanbo Kokusai Mura"
(Former Nishimachi teacher, Chiba)


Valerie (Mack) Jones '69
Owner and Designer, Jizo and Chibi
(Apparel, Online store)

Dennis Beach '71
(Wilmington, DE)

Alexandra Truitt '71
Photo Editor
(South Salem, NY)

Joseph Lee '73
Professor, Author, Professional Advisor
(Calabasas, CA)

Hope Anderson '74
Film Director/Producer

Kit Harrison '74
Co-Founder and Teacher, Arcadia Center for English Immersion
(Camden, ME)

Rod Guyton '76
President, Dental Alloy Products, Inc.,
(Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; Hartford, CT)

Rachel Perry '77
(New York, NY)

Yoko Nogami '82

Robert Sharp '84
CEO, Software Creator

Robert Sharp '84
CEO, New Blue
(Graphics software for live-streaming video, USA)

Yutaka Tamura '87
School Director and Founder, Excel Academy Charter Schools
(East Boston, MA; Chelsea, MA)

Jason Sharp '88
Colin Sharp '88

President and CEO, VP of Sales, Toolfarm
(Online reseller of software for video editors and animators, San Francisco, CA)

Sean Tadaki '90
Managing Partner, Commercial Asset Advisors
(Commercial Realtor, Honolulu, HI)

Filiz Emma Soyak '94
(Hudson, NY)

Toranosuke Matsuoka '95
Co-Owner, Sen Japanese Restaurant
(Sag Harbor, NY )

Amanda Benson '96
Owner, Air Borne Designs
(Clothing and accessories design, USA)

Caroline (Coco) J. Picard '96
Executive Director, Curator, Editor, Sector 2337
(Contemporary Art Space, Chicago, IL )

Mirei Takashima Claremon '97
Founder, Mirei TC Consulting
(Consulting Firm, Los Angeles, CA)

Mayu (Kawata) Langford '98
Owner, Paradise Healing Farms
(Organic farm for holistic healing​​​​​, Kauai​​ HI)

Mona Anita Olsen '98
Founder, iMADdu (I make a difference, do you?)
(Fairfax, VA)

Nicole (Héroux) Williams '99
Michelle (Héroux) Conlon '01
Co-Owners, Simply Crepes
(Canandaigua, NY; Pittsford, NY; Raleigh, NC)

Alley Heffern '05
Co-Founder, Taaluma Totes
(Apparel, Online Store)


Andrew Yeh '97
Producer, Singer, Songwriter
(Taipei, Taiwan)

John Paulo Jordan '02
Founder, CEO, LA LIGA/Sports
(Retail, Makati City, Philippines)


Cristian Roux '90 
Illustrator/Logo Design/Sequential Art/Campaigns

Emma Tamaoki '92
Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Photographer/Artist

Michelle Emma James '98
Co-Owner, Here Studio, Architect


Elisa Ashenden '95
Actress and Food/Recipe Blogger, Elisa's Table

David Jarvis '02
Founder, Griffin
(Digital bank, London, U.K.)

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