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Founder's Day celebrated on January 29
Founder's Day celebrated on January 29
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Tané Matsukata's Impact

by Mihoko Chida, Elementary School Principal

At last Friday's assembly we spoke about Tané Matsukata and her dream to build a school. After returning to post-war Japan, she saw that the best investment for the future is in the education of children. From this dream, she built Nishimachi and spent 41 years of her life devoted to the education of young minds.

"To share, to live and learn together and yet keep a special identity... that is Nishimachi." These words continue to impact our lives. When I speak with students who are not being kind or making poor choices, I refer to Tané Matsukata's words to remind them of our school philosophy. We celebrate differences, learn from one another and spread kindness.

5523 students have attended Nishimachi at some point in their lives. 5523 students have been effected by Tané Matsukata's dream. 5523 students have gone on to make an impact on the world. What change will the next generation bring?