Donor Tribute

Honor Roll of Donors

Nishimachi International School realizes that tuition funds are not sufficient to sustain the school at the cutting edge of academic excellence. Hence, the school has an annual giving campaign in order to raise funds to provide resources that enrich all aspects of our students' learning experience.

We gratefully acknowledge our loyal supporters listed here, whose generous contributions, year after year, help us translate the founder's vision into reality.

¥ 30,000,000


Annual Giving 2019-2020

Individual Donors

Individual Donors 2019-2020

Tohru and Itoe Akaura
Andrew R. Deane and Yukiko Tokano
Philippe Eymard
Gen and Chizuru Kimura
Yukiko Muto
Mayumi Nakayama '90
Hiromi Narita
Eiko Olsen
Lillian Olsen '90
Yukie Sato '21
Nancy Tsurumaki

Organizational Donors

Organizational Donors 2019-2020

Asian Tigers Mobility
Azabu Gardens / Pembroke Real Estate
Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd.
Morimura Homeikai
Santa Fe Relocation Services K.K.

Gift-in-Kind Individuals

Gift-in-Kind Individual Donors 2019-2020

Jan Opdahl
Yumi Shimohigashi
Reiko Tomuro

Gift-in-Kind Organizations

Gift-in-Kind Organizational Donors 2019-2020

Asian Tigers Mobility