Endowment Funds

Endowments create a permanent fund, from which interest income is used for the specified purpose. Contributions are restricted gifts that establish or add to existing memorial or other funds. Currently, annual income from ten endowment funds supports scholarships, the library, Japanese social studies, music, photographic archives, and faculty professional development.  

These endowment funds will support, in perpetuity, particular and important educational areas in which donors have expressed an interest. The minimum threshold for establishing a permanent named fund is 2,000,000 yen ($20,000). For more information, please contact Philippe Eymard, Director of Development.

Robert & Judith Sharp Family Endowment

This fund was established in 2013 by Robert and Judith Sharp's six children, all of whom attended Nishimachi, in honor of their service and contribution to the school spanning over four decades. Interest from this fund will provide scholarship assistance to Nishimachi students on the Outreach Scholarship Program.

Dorothy Risser Library Collection

Dorothy Risser, seventh grade homeroom and junior high English teacher for 13 years, had a profound interest in Japanese culture and took joy in sharing her love for Japan. Interest from this fund is used to purchase new books about Japan in both Japanese and English.

Yaye Hirooka Fund

Yaye Hirooka, first grade teacher and vice principal, taught at Nishimachi for 25 years. This fund supports professional development for teachers.

Lynn Araki Takata Photography Education Fund

Lynn Araki Takata, fourth grade teacher for 17 years, was often seen with her camera taking pictures of students at school events. The fund is used to support the photography program, thereby ensuring the visual history of the school.

Music Fund

Created in 1993 at a Nishimachi-Kai reunion in the U.K., interest from this fund is used to support the music program.

Tomo no Kai Scholarship

This fund was created in 1991 by Tomo no Kai, Nishimachi's parent association, to provide financial aid to students.

Cindy Motai Scholarship Fund

This fund comprises gifts from Junsuke Motai, parents, students, and friends in memory of Cindy Motai, an Nishimachi parent who passed away in 1994, and provides financial aid to students who otherwise are unable to attend the school.

Ishibashi Foundation Endowment Fund

Endowed by the Ishibashi (Bridgestone) Foundation, this fund provides for annual purchase of books and materials for the media center.

Morimura Homeikai Foundation Fund

Endowed by the Morimura Foundation, this fund supports our Japanese social studies program by giving students an opportunity to appreciate Japanese culture.