Facility Development

Green Building Renovation (2019)


  1. Installation of new walls, floors, ceilings, power and water supply, air conditioning, and all fittings to contain state-of-the-art technology for digital learning.

  2. Addition of six new learning spaces for the middle school students and arranging the first floor to serve as a maker-space.

Funds raised: 15.8 million yen towards the purchase of all technology

Matsukata House Reinforcement / Renovation (2008-2009)


  1. Reinforcement work to meet the seismic standards for safety.

  2. New floors and walls to restore the original shape, look, and feel of the house.

Funds raised: 24.8 million yen

Phase IV (2006-2008)




  1. Construction of Media Center and multipurpose area renovation

  2. Three story media center building with total floor area of 380 square meters

  3. Second floor - middle school resources

  4. Basement floor - elementary school resources
  5. Presentation areas throughout the building
  6. Upgraded interior and lighting in the multipurpose area
  7. Glass doors facing courtyard
  8. Movable partitions
  9. Expansion of Kazuno Property (completed July 2011)
  10. Refit of Matsukata House

Funds raised: 400 million yen

Phase III (1997-1999)



  1. Construction of Upper Elementary and Middle School Building

  2. Grades 3-9 classrooms

  3. Music, art, science and computer classrooms

  4. Kitchen and staff lounge

  5. Middle School Common room

  6. Rooftop play area

  7. Observatory dome

Funds raised: 219 million yen

Phase II (1987-1988)



  1. Construction of Lower Elementary Building

  2. Grades 1-2 classrooms

  3. Rooftop play area

Fund raised: 235 million yen

Phase I (1982-1985)


  1. Construction of Ushiba Memorial Gymnasium

  2. Retractable bleachers

  3. Stage

  4. Running Track

  5. Classrooms and office space

  6. Rooftop play area

Funds raised: 406 million yen