Outreach Scholarship

The Outreach Scholarship Program was first launched in the 2003-2004 academic year as a way of attracting more student diversity to the Nishimachi campus. The idea was to offer a limited number of partial or full scholarships to the school for qualified candidates from a variety of socioeconomic, racial, cultural, and geographic backgrounds who are currently in Japan but whose parents cannot afford the tuition.

Since its inception, the program has attracted many interested applicants. To date, twenty students have qualified for the program, which stipulates that candidates fulfill the school's admissions requirements and provide proof of financial need.

Our goal is to replenish the fund annually in order to maintain and expand further the number of students who can benefit. Many individuals (parents, alumni, staff, and friends), corporations, and Tomo no Kai have helped strengthen the program through their gifts and enthusiastic participation in the annual golf tournament, the IN CONCERT! evening, and walkathon.

It goes without saying that scholarship recipients benefit greatly from the program. Less obvious, however, is the significant contribution these students make to the overall educational climate and to Nishimachi's core mission of "fostering sensitivity to, and respect for, individual talents as well as differences."

Our goal is to raise 13 million yen annually. We ask you to be generous in supporting this vital fund.



Outreach Scholarship 2019-2020
Outreach Scholarship Golf Tournament

The Nishimachi International School Outreach Scholarship Golf Tournament is held annually (1) to raise funds for the Outreach Scholarship Program for Student Diversity and (2) to bring the alumni, parents, students, staff, and friends of Nishimachi together for a day of golfing fun.

The tournament is open to all, whether you play regularly or are more of an "occasional player." No upper or lower age limits. If you can play your way round an 18-hole course, please join us! Bring your friends, or let us arrange a group for you. Beautiful greens, fresh air, comaraderie and many prizes!

Past tournament winners and scores are below. Since we play double peoria (handicap applied to 12 hidden holes) rules, you have a chance to win!

Tournament Winners
2020 Canceled
2019 Shigekatsu Takeda, Friend, 70.8/84
2018 Bret Dandoy, Alumni Parent, 68.2/73
2017 Yushi Katayama '96, Alumnus, 70.8/90
2016 Koji Atsuta, Friend, 70.6/85
2015 Katsuhiko Kataoka, Friend, 72.0/84
2014 Yoshiaki Aoshima, Alumni Parent, 73.2/84
2013 Masami Akeshita, Alumni Grandparent, 71.4/81
2012 Gregg Baronowski, Friend, 69.2/86
2012 Special mention Runner-up
     Kengo Aoshima '13,
 G8 Student, 69.4/67
2011 Masami Akeshita, Alumni Grandparent, 70.8/78
2010 Felix Pang (Ryu), Alumni Parent, 71.6/74
2009 Bret Dandoy, Alumni Parent, 71.2/76
2008 Masami Akeshita, Grandparent, 69.8/71
2007 Alex Nakao '04, Alumnus 68.2/67
2006 Felix Pang (Ryu), Parent, 71.0/83
2005 Tadahiro Ogata, Friend, 71.2/76
2004 Gensuke Tokoro, Parent, 70.2/87

A running craze has taken over Tokyo in recent years, and Nishimachi was not about to be left behind in the dust. On the heels of the city’s winning the bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, the Outreach Scholarship Task Force, which has been meeting regularly over the past year, decided to host an event which would combine family fun, fitness, fundraising, and the fostering of community service and spirit. The first-ever walkathon and runathon was up and running.

Jan Opdahl, Alumni Parent and Vice Chair, Board of Directors
The Internationalist Spring 2014 Vol. 52

In Concert!

"I have wanted to do something like this for a long time!" What could Philippe Eymard, Nishimachi's Director of Development and Alumni Relations, be taking about? It turns out it has been Philippe's long-cherished dream to showcase some of the wide-ranging talent of Nishimachi graduates. Thus, on Saturday, March 16, 2013, he saw his pet project realized as five Nishimachi alumni took to the floor of the Ushiba Memorial Gymnasium in the 90-minute musical extravaganza In Concert! held in support of theNishimachi Outreach Scholarship Program.

Wendy Kobayashi, Parent
The Internationalist Spring 2013 Vol. 50