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Connected Learning

Connected Learning

Both the Elementary and Middle School participate in our Connected Learning Program.  Every student in Kindergarten through Grade 9 has access to a digital device as well as a stable of shared devices. Our Connected Learning program enables us to maximize student learning in the classroom and further expands our ability to deliver critical Digital Literacy, Digital Citizenship and Digital Leadership skills to all students. Google Classroom is used throughout the entire Middle School. We use Typing Club as our keyboarding program. It is available for all Nishimachi students to use at school or at home.

We use Seesaw as our main channel for parents to receive information and provide feedback about everything happening in the classroom throughout both Elementary and Middle School.

IT Acceptable Use Policy

Nishimachi provides technology resources for educational use, and not for entertainment purposes. The use of technology (computers, printers, the network, and the internet) is a community privilege, not a right. Community members who do not follow the IT policy guidelines will have their IT privileges suspended. Parents are encouraged to discuss the appropriate use of technology, both at home and in the school environment, with their children (e.g. safe/responsible/appropriate use of the internet). Parents and students are required to observe and sign a copy of the school’s IT Acceptable Use Policy.