Middle School (Grades 6-9)

Welcome to Nishimachi Middle School

The middle school years are a time of transition, growth and development.

At Nishimachi, we build on the grounding of the elementary school and create a setting in which students can learn, grow and develop into knowledgeable, reflective, caring, ethical and involved citizens, both at school and in the wider community. Our middle school caters for the social and emotional needs of young adolescents in a dynamic and changing world, while at the same time preparing the students for the rigorous and demands of ongoing study. A caring and vibrant atmosphere encourages the students to develop strong relationships as well as take intellectual risks, thus creating lifelong learners who are confident and self-aware. School wide curriculum standards provide a framework for the academic program. Students are engaged through project-based learning and have opportunities to delve into each subject area. A focus on Japanese language and culture is a unique aspect of our academic program, and students’ benefit from small classes sizes within the language and social studies classes. In addition to our core academic classes, students participate in art, drama, physical education, health, and music classes as well as co-curricular programs to enrich their learning experiences. As a member of the Kanto Plain Schools Association, our students participate in performing and visual arts festivals, academic competitions, and athletic events with other regional international schools. The faculty work cooperatively with parents to give the students the confidence to meet challenges with enthusiasm, wisdom and resourcefulness and I encourage you to consider Nishimachi as a school for your daughter or son.