Summer School

Summer School

Nishimachi International School offers a short summer school program, only for Nishimachi students, during two weeks in June. Attendance at the summer school is optional.

Pre-K & Kindergarten Summer School

The goal of this program is to focus on helping students make a smooth transition to the next academic year, which is quite different for both the incoming kindergarten students and the current kindergarten students. Students will experience a Japanese and English two-way immersion program, which will provide an opportunity to further develop socially, to learn the routines and to feel confident about the upcoming school year. Students will also have opportunities to develop friendships and become oriented to their new physical environment. In addition they will experience and enjoy art, music, sports and other interactive learning activities.

Summer School for Grades 1–5

Summer school further develops Japanese/English listening–speaking, reading, writing, and linguistic skills in languages, science, social studies, calligraphy, sports and fine arts. Students have opportunities to produce creative work, be involved in interactive group projects and participate in a field trip.