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Nishimachi-Kai Newsletter - December 2015
Posted 12/07/2015 11:00AM

Dear Nishimachi alumni,

Season's greetings from Nishimachi! We hope this special time of year brings joy and happiness to everyone! Here are some updates on what as been happening at Nishimachi:

** Welcome to Nishimachi Alumni Portal **
We hope most of you have already had a chance to log in to Nishimachi Alumni Portal! If you have not received your Username and Password, please contact us at or send us a request from the following link:

** Summary of Food Fair **
Nishimachi Food Fair had another successful year! With wonderful weather, great food, and company, it was a fabulous event. Nishimachi-Kai operated its annual Alumni Cafe, selling popcorn, iced coffee, soft drinks, red and white wine, can Chu-Hi, Mako's Baked Goods, and Nishimachi-Kai merchandise. Many friends of the Nishimachi community stopped by for a quick 'hello' to others. Mr. Michael Hosking, our new headmaster from 2016 school year, also visited the cafe and had a quick chat with some of the N-Kai members. Thank you to those who came out to volunteer and those who came out to support by purchasing items. We hope more can join us at Food Fair 2016!

** Class Reunions **
Class of 1985 had their 30th reunion together with the classes of 1984 and 1986 at Nishimachi's Matsukata House on Saturday, November 28th. We will have the full report from the reunion chairs soon, and will be posting them in Alumni Portal!

** Anniversary Year Class Reunions **
Anniversary year / Anniversary class / Class rep
5th / 2011 / Deidre (Narumi) Hsu, Vitaly Banov
10th / 2006 / Jennifer Blagg
15th / 2001 / Hilary Papantonio
20th / 1996 / Andrew Blanshard, Lilian Wouters
25th / 1991 / Donna Willoughby
30th / 1986 / Makiko (Hara) Tomita, Andy Hill
35th / 1981 / Tony Gillion, Nir Platek
40th / 1976 / Galit (Platek) Fuhrer
45th / 1971 / Inga Thommessen
50th / 1966 / Mari (Otagawa) Parker, Fumiko (Saneyoshi) Nishino-Friedewald

Please contact your class reps above or email us at if you would like to help with the organizing.

You can always check for updates and information for reunions at the Nishimachi Alumni Portal!

** The Internationalist **
End-of-the-year and New Year parties are the best times of the year for great photo ops! Meeting up with your old classmates, or simply enjoying time with your family? We would love to know how you are doing! Please send us your updates and photos to

** Visiting Nishimachi **
Are you planning a visit to Nishimachi over winter break? Keep in mind that school will be closed between Saturday, December 12 and Sunday, January 3rd.

Thank you all for a great year, and we wish you all the best as you embark on 2016.

Philippe Eymard
Mayumi Nakayama '90

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