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Posted 09/26/2017 11:03AM


All the students currently attending Nishimachi were born after the year 2002. Being born after this date means that our students belong to one of two population groups:

Group 1 - Generation Z – those born between 1995 and 2009 – most of these students do not remember life without the internet, and have had technology like smartphones, iPads, smartboards and other devices available throughout most of their schooling.

Group 2 - Generation Alpha – those born since 2010 – these students are younger than smartphones, the iPad, 3D television, Instagram, and music streaming apps like Spotify. This is the first generation likely to see in the 22nd century in large numbers. (They will live until the year 2100)

The current groups of Nishimachi students come from Generation Z and Generation Alpha. These two generations have grown up using advanced technology in their homes and classrooms. They are digital natives, as comfortable using apps and code as their grandparents were flipping pages in a book.

Growing up with this level of technology means our students have grown up with a completely unprecedented amount of information at their fingertips. They are students who have never been more than a few seconds away from the answers to their questions, with everything just a quick search or click away. They are able to teach themselves about any topic they are interested in without even leaving their bedroom.

Generations Z and Alpha are also the most internationally connected in history. They encounter people online from all over the world, and can easily make friends on the other side of the planet before they have even left their own neighborhood or city. As a school, we need to be also increasingly offering children and young people the opportunity to travel - in person and on-line - creating a truly borderless experience of learning.

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