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Community Service at Nishimachi - in support of people and environment
Posted 10/18/2017 07:42AM

Nishimachi 's Community Service Committee, together with students and teachers, has been supporting a number of initiative over the years that help to raise awareness about social and environmental issues, and stimulates being considerate and supportive to the world around us, both people and environment.

As one of our activities, we have been supporters of the homeless people in Shibuya for several years now. Our first mission this school year was to collect "unsold food" from the Food Fair which was held on the October 7th and deliver it to the people in need, instead of throwing it away.

Many thanks to all the Food Fair booths for their donations at the end of the fair. It was great to see everyone still had the energy to make this meaningful effort at the end of an exciting day.

Our enthusiastic MS students not only helped with collecting the unsold items, but also acted as creative chefs in preparing delicious Obentos, hotdogs and soup for donation.

The following morning at 5 AM, 5 MS and ES students delivered the collected food packed in eco-friendly containers with eco-friendly cutleries and enjoyed having conversations with the homeless people. A big thank you for everyone who got up so early to make this huge difference, involving both teachers and students.

The homeless people in Tokyo are often said to be not noticed, but we sure did see many happy smiles from everyone there in Shibuya that morning. (written by Sayako Kaneko, TNK Community Service Committee Co-chair)





ホームレスの方々と接する機会はなかなかありませんが、この朝渋谷に集った人々皆が笑顔になり、幸せな時間を共有することができました。(文 金子 沙綾子、友の会コミュニティサービス共同委員長)

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