History of Facility Development and Capital Campaign

Phase I (1982-1985)

Phase I Building

  • Construction of Ushiba Memorial Gymnasium
  • Retractable bleachers
  • Stage
  • Running Track
  • Classrooms and office space
  • Rooftop play area

Funds raised: 406 million yen

Phase II (1987-1988)

Phase II Building

  • Construction of Lower Elementary Building
  • Grades 1-2 classrooms
  • Rooftop play area
  • Fund raised: 235 million yen

Phase III (1997-1999)

Phase III Building

  • Construction of Upper Elementary and Middle School Building
  • Grades 3-9 classrooms
  • Music, art, science and computer classrooms
  • Kitchen and staff lounge
  • Middle School Common room
  • Rooftop play area
  • Observatory dome

Funds raised: 219 million yen

Phase IV (2006-2008)

Phase IV Building

  • Construction of Media Center and multipurpose area renovation
  • Three story media center building with total floor area of 380 square meters
  • Second floor - middle school resources
      • Basement floor - elementary school resources
      • Presentation areas throughout the building
  • Upgraded interior and lighting in the multipurpose area
      • Glass doors facing courtyard
      • Movable partitions
  • Expansion of Kazuno Property (completed July 2011)
  • Refit of Matsukata House

Funds raised: 400 million yen

Matsukata House Reinforcement/Renovation (2008-2009)

  • Reinforcement work to meet the seismic standards for safety.
  • New floors and walls to restore the original shape, look, and feel of the house.

Funds raised: 24.8 million yen

Nishimachi International School
2-14-7 Moto Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0046 Japan Tel: +81- (0)3-3451-5520

A well-recognized, independent, and coeducational K-9 international school in central Tokyo.

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