School Life

Nishimachi is committed to a diverse student body. At each grade level, we try to achieve a balance between boys and girls, between native speakers of English and speakers of Japanese, and among nationalities. The ultimate goal of the school is to assist each student in developing self-discipline and accepting responsibility for his or her actions, with the help of parents and teachers.

Fast Facts






Hold Dual/multiple Passports


Graduates Complete Higher Education

Nishimachi students:

Value and personify the international spirit of the school.
Take responsibility for their actions.
Are aware of the environment, make an effort to learn more about it, and are willing to contribute to its preservation and enhancement.
Set a good example for others.
Are aware of and obey school rules.
Organize their time and resources efficiently.
Value and respect others.
Are willing to cooperate with others.
Set and work to high standards personally and academically.
Always speak, dress, and behave in an appropriate manner.
Set and observe high standards of social behavior when inside and outside the school.
Care for school property.
Respect the property of others.

Daily life


About 30% of Nishimachi ninth grade graduates attend high school overseas, mainly boarding schools in the USA. The remaining 70% stay in Japan and progress to reputable international high schools or private Japanese schools in the Tokyo area. All Nishimachi graduates continue on to complete their higher education. (Please visit FAQ for the list of COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES, and HIGH SCHOOLS our alumni attend.)