Emergency Guidelines

Emergency School Closing

In the event that a decision is made to close the school before the school day begins, parents will be informed via email and/or text message, and a notice will be posted on the school website. Taped announcements may also be available at the main school telephone number. Parents are asked to pay close attention to public announcements when a typhoon or heavy snowfall is forecast.

Emergency Procedures

Parents and visitors on campus are requested to act according to the school's emergency evacuation procedures. Discussing emergency plans as a family is important so that everyone is prepared for an emergency.

Parental Absence

In the case of parental absence from Tokyo, parents are asked to notify the front office in writing.

Campus Security

In order to assure adequate campus security, the school, in conjunction with its security company, provides vigilance on campus.

In Preparation for Emergencies

  • The majority of classrooms and learning/playing areas have telephone access.

  • For emergency contact with staff and students the school operates a public address system, which can be activated from the front office or by remote control microphone.

  • The front office staff, school nurse, and the community liaison officer can easily access local police and emergency services.

  • At least one emergency evacuation/lock down, or earthquake drill is practiced each term.

Prepare for Major Disaster

Nishimachi recommends that parents and students should make themselves aware of the school's emergency procedures. Discussing emergency plans as a family is important to helping every family member feel prepared. Emergency procedures are detailed in the Family Community Handbook.