Golf Tournament 2019

Golf Tournament 2019
Philippe Eymard

The 16th annual Outreach Scholarship Golf Tournament was held on Saturday, May 25, at the beautiful Chiba Birdie Club. Fifty-two golfers, including ten parents, one third grader, fifteen alumni and parents of alumni, as well as six members of the Nishimachi staff, participated under clear skies in a day of golfing fun.

The winner of the day was Shigekatsu Takeda, a regular on the Nishimachi tour, with a net score of 70.8 under the double-peria* rule (gross 84). In close second was first-time participant Keiko Uekubo with a 71.0 (gross 95). Nishimachi alumnus and current parent Tokuya Sano took home the third place trophy with a 71.2 (gross 100). 

Many, many thanks to the players, the helpers who joined us, and the forty-four tournament sponsors, all of whom made the day a great success. We raised ¥895,000 in support of the Outreach Scholarship Program.

We hope to see many of you at the 17th tournament, scheduled for Saturday, May 23, 2020.

*Handicap for the Nishimachi Outreach Scholarship golf tournament is calculated as follows: 

Double Peoria Rules
Add your scores on the 12 secret holes;
Multiply by 1.5;
Subtract the golf course’s par (72);
Multiply by 80%

  Golf Course

  Chiba Birdie Club
  Winner   Shigekatsu Takeda
    Net score: 70.8 (gross 84)
  Number of participants   52
  Fund raised   ¥895,000



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