InConcert! 5, March 2017

InConcert! 5, March 2017
Hiroko Lockheimer

In Concert! 5 - March 11, 2017



It's Party Time!

On the evening of Saturday, March 11th, around 80 parents, alumni, staff and friends turned out in the Ushiba Memorial Gymnasium to listen to three separate acts.

Up first, The Nishimachi All-Stars 2017, as the name suggests, was the latest line-up to include our fabulous, talented Nishimachi staff, current parents and their family and friends who love to sing and play and who all selflessly offered their Saturday night to perform for us - big thanks to Leah Renfroe and Stephen Skelton (vocals), Tsuyoshi Nishijima (drums), Keith McConnell (bass), Go Abekawa (drums/vocals), brother Jun Abekawa (guitar), Naoto Miyazawa (keyboards), Steve Sato (guitar) and Koji Aota (guitar). They really got the party started with their selection of world-famous hits to which we all wanted to sing along!

Steve Sato had also kindly arranged for his professional band, Last Call, to play a set for us. Thank you to Steve and Michael Bodin (vocals), and support musicians Yuki (bass) and Bob (drums) for their rousing repertoire of current and recent-past hits.

Sadly, Yalla Family as a group were unable to make it this year, but lead singer Haku ‘Anubiz’ Shimizu (’01) generously turned DJ for the night and made sure that everyone who was not already on the dance-floor got there before the end of the evening.


And then, predictably, did not want to leave…


Total Participants: 80

Alumni 6%
Alumni Parents 9%
Current Parents 49%
Current Staff 16%
Guests 20%

Total Revenue from tickets and donations ¥535,256
Less Expenses (food catering) ¥195,300
Donation to Outreach Scholarship Fund ¥339,956

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