Nishimachi Parents Come Together for Healthcare Workers

Nishimachi Parents Come Together for Healthcare Workers
Kacie Leviton

During the height of this Covid-19 crisis in Japan, Nishimachi parents and families began a project over Golden Week to help a fellow parent who is a doctor on the front lines in one of our local hospitals.


The call went out and the movement grew from just one grade to many other members in our Nishimachi community to make PPE Gowns (Protective Medical Gowns) out of trash bags. Hospitals all over Japan but especially in the larger cities were in urgent need to keep up their supply of protective gear as medical staff were scrambling to make handmade gowns while they worked to treat incoming patients.

Our Nishimachi Community quickly rallied together, pulled in friends and family from other international schools, local schools and the local community, and in three short weeks, have made a contribution of over 6,200 pieces of PPE gowns and protective gear.













During a crisis such as this, at a time when all families are facing challenging times, we are humbled and awed to see how our community has come together so quickly and so compassionately for a cause that is so important and which directly and indirectly affects us all. We should all be proud to be part of our Nishimachi community! 


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