Not Just a School, but Family

Not Just a School, but Family
Kacie Leviton

Our family has been a part of the Nishimachi community since 2011. 

As globalization progresses, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Even as a Japanese national, I think that it is essential to become a global citizen. That is to acquire not only English, but also the way of thinking, to coexist with people of various countries. This is why we chose to educate our children at an international school, to provide them with global environment to prepare them for the future. Among the many international school choices in Tokyo, we chose Nishimachi because we found that it was the only international school in Tokyo that emphasized Japanese culture and Japanese language education. The school has adopted its own unique  curriculum, where both English education and Japanese language education are at high standards. The school constantly evaluates and elevates the curriculum to provide a superior education for our children. Because it is a small school, teachers' support is great, and students will acquire the qualities to become leaders through the curriculum.

Nishimachi also has a very special feeling of intimacy within the community. Nishimachi is like a small village. The students know each other’s faces and names from Kindergarten all the way to 9th Grade, and sometimes they play together beyond grade levels. Because the school is in the center of Tokyo, parents often have a chance to chat face-to-face, at morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up. We also have a very involved parent association called Tomo no Kai, or TNK, that runs many events such as the annual Food Fair and Gala. And it is warmth of the friends I have made through the school that I always remember. At the time when our oldest child entered Nishimachi, I was a cancer patient. It was a very difficult time in our lives, but our Nishimachi family was there with us every step of the way. They invited my daughter for playdates, cooked meals for us and was a shoulder to cry on whenever I needed one. I truly believe we were able to overcome this difficult time because of the love and support we received from our Nishimachi family. This is not just a school. My children and I have made lifelong friends here and it has become such an important part of our lives.

Please come and visit Nishimachi to experience the brilliance of this school.



グローバル化が進み、世界は益々小さくなっています。日本人であってもこれからグローバル人(Global citizen)になっていくことは必須だと考えています。それは英語だけではなく、様々な国の人々と共存していくための考え方を身につけるということです。子供達には将来グローバルな環境に突き進んで欲しくて、日本人ですがインターナショナルスクールに通わせることに決めました。その中でも西町を選んだのは、東京にあるインターナショナルスクールの中で唯一、日本文化や日本語の教育に積極的に取り組んでいる学校だったからです。独自のカリキュラムを採用していて、英語教育、日本語教育ともに高い水準を保っています。そしてより良い教育を提供しようと常にカリキュラムを評価して進化させています。小さい学校なので、先生方のサポートが手厚く、生徒はカリキュラムを通してリーダーになる資質を身につけていきます。



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