Greg Dale

Greg Dale
Second Time

Like many Nishimachi parents, my wife Yayoi and I wanted our kids to learn in a bicultural/bilingual environment, and we believe that Nishimachi is by far the best. It has a strong academic reputation across the board, but there’s much more to it than that.

Nishimachi’s small size offers the intimacy, safety, and opportunity to grow that most big schools don’t. It has a warm, caring atmosphere. The children take turns in leadership roles, learning from and supporting each other. They play together and interact across all grades. The middle school is totally integrated in sports, after school activities, school trips, so the older ones gain a feeling of responsibility as they help the younger ones adapt to new experiences.

There is an atmosphere to each international school, and Nishimachi kids are by and large playful, accepting, curious, respectful, confident and bold.

Most importantly, the school has not only enhanced our children’s lives, but ours as well. Parents are encouraged to get involved in some way, and as they do, they form very deep and caring friendships, something that my wife and I have greatly enjoyed.

After graduating from Princeton University, I worked in New York as an actor and director, and moved to Tokyo over 25 years ago. I've worked with Japan’s top stars in many Broadway-level theaters, and I've had the opportunity to guest star in popular TV dramas. I've also taught Executive Training to CEOs at major corporations.  Because of my background, the school has given me the opportunity to not only be a parent at the school but also have a chance to work with the students! I have been running public speaking workshops with the Nishimachi middle school kids and it has become a highlight for me every year!

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